About Keith

Keith Mackenzie has been a fully qualified builder for over 35 years and a Master Builder since 2006.  Hailing from Tapanui in West Otago, Keith originally trained as an apprentice carpenter in 1975 before going on to work on significant projects such as the Clyde Dam in the 1980's.

Keith Mackenzie Builders has been running since 1995 and the team have worked on a wide range of projects from wool-sheds to architecturally designed homes.

Industry recognition for the quality of these builds began in 2007 with a Master Builder's silver award.  Further Master Builders awards followed in 2009 - Gold Award and Local Category Winner; 2015 - 2 Gold Awards and Local Category winner; 2017 - Gold Award winner and 2018 - Regional Category and Gold Award winner.

Keith Mackenzie Builders operates mainly around the Cromwell area, and the dedicated team of 6 are well known for their high quality builds and fastidious attention to detail.